I recenlty had dinner with a few friends and the conversation turned , as it sometimes does, to what would happen to our animals if something happened to us.  So many have said to me " I want it put in my will that (insert name of Pet) is buried with me!"
A friend said she wanted to put in her will a stipulation that she be buried in full show dress with her horse! Lot of problems flashed through my head but first and foremost putting your burial instructions in your will  guarantees they  probably won't be followed-namely because  by the time the will is found and read it's toooo late. You are probably already buried, cremated or donated to science!
Burial instructions should be in a separate document to your family to make sure they know what you desire. The Texas Probate Code governs the disposition of our estate- and if we own animals our estate includes our animals. There are many ways to provide for our dogs, cats, horses or other animals after our death  but some provision should be made whether in a will or other document such as a pet trust.
Next time... why our horses are considered property and why it matter.